Auto Insurance Quotes Aren’t As Simple As They Seem

It’s funny to me how easy the car insurance companies try to make getting getting a policy look for consumers. Auto insurance still requires the same underwriting process, and they still do need all your information. You still have to make sure that you have adequate coverage, including what is required by state laws in your area. It is just quite amusing that auto insurance quotes are marketed as being handed out like people are getting quotes for lawn care services.

I’m visiting one site right now that invites you to compare auto insurance quotes and rates, and you start by simply entering your zip code and whether or not you’re currently insured. I’m going to take the next step to see what it tells me to do. Right below this box where you enter these two details, it says that there are three simple steps to the quote process.

Auto Insurance Quotes Aren't As Simple As They Seem

The first step is what I described above, which took all of two seconds to answer. Now, I’m looking at the second step. Next it asks you about your vehicle, and there are only 7 simple questions. At the top, however, you can start to see that there are more than three simple steps. Moreover, each step doesn’t require an answer to only two questions like it made it seem like when I completed the first step.

Of course we all know that we have to provide a bunch of information for an auto insurance quote. The next steps are grouped into policy information or coverage information, incidents and then contact information. Once you’ve entered all of that information, they will likely provide you with a quick quote. But the insurance company is going to verify everything during the underwriting process. You will be guaranteed coverage upon purchase of the policy, but remember they can go back and change things if needed.