Schedule Appointments 24/7 With Carpet Cleaning Autopilot

Schedule Appointments 24/7 With Carpet Cleaning Autopilot Carpet cleaning autopilot is a fabulous system for anyone who has to operate their own business, and work as a service provider. While smartphones have made it somewhat easier to get a hold of people who provide services in homes, there are still times the carpet cleaner, well needs to work.

People take it the wrong way if the carpet cleaning business does not pick up the phone on the first ring. Yet, you know how unreasonable that is. You are supposed to really be present wherever you are.

In particular, the old adage in customer service is if you are in front of a customer (or in their home working) you are not to stop to answer a phone call. It goes on that if you are in a customer’s home you definitely do not stop your work to talk to another customer.

Instead of giving the impression that you are snubbing your customer in their own home, skip answering the phone. Just get carpet cleaning autopilot and an answering service or live chat so that they know you are responsive.

It gives customers the chance to learn more information on their own, and decide to make an appointment without you having to stop what you are doing to assist them. It is something of a win-win.

In other words, you are freed up to work on your present client’s house while booking another gig without having to stop what you are doing. The scheduling service gives customers the information they need to make an appointment on the spot, arrange payment information, and receive appointment reminders. Again, you do not have to do a thing.

You may want to reach out to the customer later on to clarify what their work entails. Maybe a consultation or just answer their questions to make a good impression.